A refutation about animal fur

An animal being held in captivity and then killed or abused for their fur happens to thousands of animals every single day. This 8224_156772581180_724601180_4104336_3575174_nhappens to animals that are in the wild as well. People think it is OK to kill animals that are over populated, but they have the same living rights as those who aren’t overpopulated, every life matters. Humans aren’t skinned or killed just because we are overpopulated, so why do this to helpless animals? Animals have no sense of control when it comes to breeding, as well as a lack of ability to defend themselves and control the situation when a hunter comes after them, they just have to suffer, which is cruel.


Many companies and articles say that wearing fur is acceptable. According to “5 Reasons Why We Must Wear Leather and Fur” there are no better options than fur. The article claims that there are no alternatives that are as biodegradable, sustainable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and safe for our bodies than fur.


Quartz  claims  that “There is a way to feel good about wearing fur.” Quartz believes that if an animal is extinct, then hunters should have full access to kill them regardless of any laws. This ultimately leads to hunters going and skinning helpless animals for their fur. Many times if an animal is extinct they will kill the animal just to get the items they want from the animal such as fur, tusks, and skin and then proceed to throw the remains in the ocean. “These nutrias were being killed for the coastal wetland control program, and then just throwing them in the swamp.” This is pointless, you’re killing lives.


Quartz also explains that the best way to get real untouched fur is if you keep the animal contained, away from animals that may scuff the fur. Wild fur is less expensive than farmed fur, but it is the quality is difficult to control—a animal in the wild may have scratches or irregularities in their animal coat, which is not ideal when trying to sell fur to the public.


Animal Defenders International says that many animals are illegally poached and traded for their skins, which is leading to extinction of species and this has been seen in animals such as tigers, leopard and ocelots.
Animals that are raised on fur farms are denied access to daily life activities and natural behavior and are confirmed to cages. Due to these cages in the fur factories, animals develop abnormal behaviors such as pacing, gnawing at the cage’s bars, self-mutilation and even cannibalism. Many animals are skinned alive, then either suffocated or hung. But the reason they don’t kill them by a gun is because they don’t want to damage the fur. Regardless if the animal is over populated, every animal deserves to live natural life out in the wilderness.


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