An Affirmative Post About Animal Rights

Animal Rights is an issue that advocates haanimalrightsve been fighting for tirelessly and continuously as years have progressed. Mercy For Animals is an advocacy group that is on the frontlines for protecting farmed animals. MFA reports on their website that they are there to speak up against cruelty, and strive for the compassion that animals deserve. In addition, the MFA goes as far as conducting investigations in these industrial farms to try to prevent the nine billion animals that are killed there a year.

PETA, another organization striving for animal rights rightfully states, “Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable.” Our society accepts eating pigs but not dogs, while they have the same capability of pain. There should be no specific distinction for which species is “okay” to kill. We must remember that our comfortable way of living is allowed to be questioned, and when we finally start, we can make a difference for these animals.   

It is one thing to improve conditions for animals, but another to completely abolish their exploitation that humans benefit from. The Animal Rights Coalition
tells their website visitors that they believe that animals are morally entitled to pursue their lives free of human violence.

animal-rightsAll of these organizations share a common idea, which is that animals are morally entitled to their own rights. Ethically, species should not be separating whether or not we have the right to kill a living animal. We have a whole war against killing a fetus that has not even taken a breath in the world yet, but we unthinkingly let billions of animals a year be killed for our own personal interests, many not even for food but for entertainment, make up or clothing. It is vital that we have these organizations to protect these animals because if we did not, they would have no voice for their own fate.

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