A Refutation About Animal Testing

Although most people are extremely against animal testing, there are many scientists who will back up why it is important to test animals while doing research. Mice have been used for animal testing for over many decades. This is because according to Understanding Animal Research, we share 95% of our genetic makeup with mice. However, during an experiment Fleming discovered penicillin without any assistance from an animal, proving that scientists were able to find it without the use of a mouse.

Another reason that people believe that we need to test on animals is because if not animals then we would have to test new drugs on people. However, we are constantly testing out new drugs on people. This is because testing on animals is unreliable. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) “92 percent of all drugs that are shown to be safe and effective in animal tests fail in human trials because they don’t work or are dangerous.” This is because even the small amount of drugs that are approved for humans, will automatically have a different effect on the human given the obvious fact that humans have a completely different genetic makeup than a mouse for example. Every human is going to react to the medicine differently in comparison to an animal. This is because in labs, animals are often under high stress because they are constantly being tested on and being mistreated while not being tested.

This brings people to another concern of if not animals or humans, then what? Scientists have come up a solution to this issue, according to PETA, scientists have found “advanced microchips that use real human cells and tissues to construct fully functioning postage stamp–size organs allow researchers to study diseases and also develop and test new drugs to treat them. Progressive scientists have used human brain cells to develop a model ‘microbrain,’ which can be used to study tumors, as well as artificial skin and bone marrow.” This is not only less expensive but is also less harmful to humans and animals.      




An Affirmative Argument Against Animal Testing

According to PETA, supporters of Animal Rights believe in animals inherit worth. Many battle whether or not animals deserve rights by using philosophy, yet this is a social movement. It is not questioning whether they have the same capabilities as humans, but whether or not they are able to suffer.

The Animal Humane Society has publicly acknowledged that some research may need animals, but the main thing that we are fighting is cruelty, that being avoiding any harm that is being inflicted on animals.  It is important to remember that many animal rights advocate

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s to not oppose utilizing animals for positive things for the community, like drugs safety, yet believe that there should not be any pain imposed on the animals within the process. Although this would be the idea situation, it is not the case in our society. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated that over 97,000 animals in 2010 suffered pain throughout testing and were not given any anesthesia to alleviate the agony.


When it comes to education, it is a positive alternative to use animals for something like computer modeling, but AHS does not support the dissection of any animals in schools because killing the animal takes away the ethical aspect of it. This example reflects the philosophy that the AHS supports and strives to protest for.

The Animal Welfare Act, which is supposed to protect animals, does not cover 95% of the mused in experiments. The AWA does not cover rats, mice, fish or birds. These are the animals that are especially defenseless and susceptible to the inhumane treatment of animal testing. Scientifically, it does not make sense to use animals as subject. Animals are anatomically, metabolically, and cellularly extremely different from humans, making them very poor subjects to test on in regards to achieving a certain type of result that will correspond for humans.

From these points, it is clear to see that animal testing is wrong, an unfit way to rely on safety information for humans, and an overall inhumane way of treating creatures that must be put to an end immediately.