Affirmative Post About Fur

A common form of animal cruelty comes in the form of a fashion phenomenon; the fur industry. According to PETA, animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in confined and messy cages. Many of these animals suffer through gas, electrocution, and 84379f5fa80ef662a353ed43be746dfcsuffocation methods that are created to be a cheap way of killing them. The fur that comes from China, which is about half the fur in the U.S, is made by skinning these animals alive. These animals suffer for days before dying from either blood loss, dehydration or shock. The tactics used to create fur often include cutting their bones with heavy metal traps.

There is a popular event held in Canada called the “Canadian seal slaughter” that is held annually. This event robs the lives of over tens of thousands of baby seals a year for their skin. Whether it be for an entertainment or selling skin, many animals have become endangered due to the fact that people kill them and brutally take parts of their body for personal gain.

Finland, according to The Dodo, is particularly responsible for fur markets. As of April 8, 2015, a petition has been open to all continents and countries to sign, banning the fur industry. This petition has gained approximately 133,000 signatures and will soon be administered with their parliament.

According to National Geographic, we can actively take other steps to solve this issue by applying pressure to stop these farms rather than trying to ban fur production. It is very ambitious to try to ban the fur industry, especially when we have seen it making a comeback in the world of fashion. Several years ago, many celebrities would campaign with PETA and pose nude, saying they would “rather go naked than weaSupermodels-1utoeia.jpgr fur.” Unfortunately, now we see more than plenty of celebrities and models wearing fur every day in magazines, runways, and ads.

There are plenty of ways to keep warm without wearing fur. Many stores carry faux fur coats or cruelty-free fabrics year-round, and this simple solution will save the lives of so many animals


Peta Video putting humans “in the shoes of the animals” who’s fur is taken. (graphic)

This done by PETA take the idea of using animal fur and really makes it a reality for humans. This video depicts Joanna Krupa being “stripped Bare and Beaten—Just Like Sheep for Wool.” Please watch the video below for a better understanding of why this is so wrong to do animals and understand why this video is so effective.